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piece of software that can run on the Internet, on a computer, phone/tablet or any other electronic device that is interactive, providing support and/or resources to organisations, for example to help manage occupational risks

Context: Info

The evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) has led to the development of more and more online interactive tools (‘e-tools’), and the occupational safety and health (OSH) sector is no stranger to this trend. Many OSH actors have already shown an interest in these new technologies and the possibilities that they offer, and, over recent years, many OSH e-tools have been developed.

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Electronic:  the ‘e’ — as in ‘electronic’ — differentiates these tools from traditional paper-based tools or publications


  • Български: електронен инструмент
  • Čeština: elektronický nástroj
  • Dansk: online-værktøj
  • Deutsch: Online-Tool
  • Ελληνικά: ηλεκτρονικό εργαλείο 
  • English: e-tool
  • Español: herramienta interactiva
  • Eesti: e-vahend
  • Suomi: verkkotyökalu
  • Français: outil électronique
  • Hrvatski: e-alat
  • Magyar: e-eszköz
  • Íslenska: e-verkfæri
  • Italiano: strumento elettronico
  • Lietuvių: e. priemonė
  • Latviešu: e-rīks
  • Malti: għodod elettroniċi
  • Nederlands: e-tool
  • Norsk: e-verktøy
  • Polski: e-narzędzie
  • Português: ferramenta eletrónica
  • Română: instrument electronic
  • Slovenčina: e-nástroj
  • Slovenščina: e-orodje
  • Svenska: e-verktyg