EU-OSHA’s multilingual thesaurus of occupational safety and health terminology lists words grouped together in a hierarchy. It includes synonyms and antonyms of those words and some definitions.

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green construction


structure and application of processes environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle, from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition

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Information on OSH risks specifically related to green construction is scarce. A survey among nine construction firms in the USA, involving 86 construction projects, revealed that the green (LEEDcertified) projects had slightly higher numbers of incidents than non-green projects [11] but that green and non-green projects had similar numbers of incidents that caused a loss of working time.

Term reference

EU-OSHA E-Fact 70, “Occupational safety and health issues associated with green building”,…


  • Български: зелено строителство
  • Čeština: ekologická výstavba
  • Dansk: grønt byggeri
  • Deutsch: umweltfreundliches Bauen
  • Ελληνικά: πράσινη δόμηση
  • English: green construction
  • Español: construcción ecológica
  • Eesti: roheline ehitamine
  • Suomi: vihreä rakentaminen
  • Français: construction verte
  • Hrvatski: zelena izgradnja
  • Magyar: környezetbarát építés
  • Íslenska: græn bygging
  • Italiano: edilizia verde
  • Lietuvių: ekologiška statyba
  • Latviešu: zaļā būvniecība
  • Malti: bini ekoloġiku
  • Dutch: groen gebouw
  • Norwegian: grønne bygg
  • Polski: budownictwo ekologiczne
  • Português: construção ecológica
  • Română: construcție ecologică
  • Slovenčina: zelená výstavba
  • Slovenščina: zelena gradnja
  • Svenska: grönt byggande