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low educated worker


native worker, legal or illegal immigrant expected to have the average cognitive skills of all lower educated workers in a country

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In Italy, workplaces requiring no literacy skills at all have the largest contribution but small businesses tend to employ low educated workers at a large scale even in highly complex jobs. In Hungary, insufficient skills (relative to Norway) and an undersized small-firm sector (relative to Italy) set limits to the inclusion of the low educated.

Term reference

Budapest Working Papers on the Labour Market BWP – 2013/15, “Patterns of Integration: Low Educated People and their Jobs in Norway, Italy and Hungary”, János Köllő,


  • Български: нискообразован работник
  • Čeština: pracovník s nízkou kvalifikací
  • Dansk: kortuddannet arbejdstager
  • Deutsch: Beschäftigter mit niedrigem Bildungsstand
  • Ελληνικά: εργαζόμενος χαμηλού μορφωτικού επίπεδου
  • English: low educated worker
  • Español: trabajador con poca formación
  • Eesti: väheharitud töötaja
  • Suomi: matalan koulutustason työntekijä
  • Français: travailleur peu instruit
  • Hrvatski: niskokvalificirani radnik
  • Magyar: alacsony képzettségű munkavállaló
  • Íslenska: ómenntaður starfsmaður
  • Italiano: lavoratore meno qualificato
  • Lietuvių: žemos kvalifikacijos darbuotojas
  • Latviešu: darbinieks ar zemu izglītības līmeni
  • Malti: impjegat b'livell ta' edukazzjoni baxx
  • Nederlands: laagopgeleide werknemer
  • Norsk: arbeidstaker med lavere utdannelse
  • Polski: pracownik o niskich kwalifikacjach
  • Português: trabalhador pouco qualificado
  • Română: lucrător cu studii minime
  • Slovenčina: pracovník s nízkou kvalifikáciou
  • Slovenščina: nizkokvalificirani delavec
  • Svenska: lågutbildad arbetstagare