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a liquid, solid, or gas that dissolves another solid, liquid, or gaseous solute, resulting in a solution that is soluble in a certain volume of solvent at a specified temperature

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For example a change of solvent in a mixture may mean that the gloves you use no longer provide adequate protection and a different glove material may be needed, or the equipment you use to monitor airborne concentrations of the solvent may need to be adjusted to measure the new solvent.

Term reference

"EC ""Chemicals at work – a new labelling system"", [09/2018]"


  • Български: разтворител
  • Čeština: rozpouštědlo
  • Dansk: opløsningsmiddel
  • Deutsch: Lösungsmittel
  • Ελληνικά: διαλύτης
  • English: solvent
  • Español: empresa emergente
  • Eesti: lahusti
  • Suomi: liuotin
  • Français: solvant
  • Hrvatski: otapalo
  • Magyar: oldószer
  • Íslenska: leysiefni
  • Italiano: solvente
  • Lietuvių: tirpiklis
  • Latviešu: šķīdinātājs
  • Malti: solvent
  • Nederlands: oplosmiddel
  • Norsk: løsemiddel
  • Polski: rozpuszczalnik
  • Português: solvente
  • Română: solvent
  • Slovenčina: rozpúšťadlo
  • Slovenščina: topilo
  • Svenska: lösningsmedel