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electromagnetic field


physical field determined by the set of four vectors which characterise the electric and magnetic states of a material medium or vacuum

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ILO published a good practical guide in 1998 and the EU issued a Directive concerning electromagnetic fields at work. In Finland law stated the maximum levels of the exposure of workers.

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EU-OSHA, Home » Tools & Publications » Publications » Glue EMF — electromagnetic field control, for example in glue drying devices,


  • Български: електромагнитно поле
  • Čeština: elektromagnetické pole
  • Dansk: elektromagnetisk felt
  • Deutsch: elektromagnetisches Feld
  • Ελληνικά: ηλεκτρομαγνητικό πεδίο
  • English: electromagnetic field
  • Español: campo electromagnético
  • Eesti: elektromagnetväli
  • Suomi: sähkömagneettinen kenttä
  • Français: champ électromagnétique
  • Hrvatski: elektromagnetsko polje
  • Magyar: elektromágneses mező
  • Íslenska: rafsegulsvið
  • Italiano: campo elettromagnetico
  • Lietuvių: elektromagnetinis laukas
  • Latviešu: elektromagnētiskais lauks
  • Malti: qasam elettromanjetiku
  • Nederlands: elektromagnetisch veld
  • Norsk: elektromagnetisk felt
  • Polski: pole elektromagnetyczne
  • Português: campo eletromagnético
  • Română: câmp electromagnetic
  • Slovenčina: elektromagnetické pole
  • Slovenščina: elektromagnetno polje
  • Svenska: elektromagnetiskt fält