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new business venture

Context: Info

A schism in the use of 3D printing is growing. On the one hand, a new, highly advanced and flexible industry is emerging. These companies work in fields such as medical care and the automotive industry, but also in fashion and everyday consumer products. On the other hand, small-scale and sometimes almost low-tech, do-it-yourself production is growing. These microfactories and start-ups are initiated by designers, cooperatives, small businesses and informal networks

Term reference

EU-OSHA “3D Printing and additive manufacturing – the implications for OSH” [09/2018]


  • Български: стартиращо предприятие
  • Čeština: začínající podnik
  • Dansk: opstartsvirksomhed
  • Deutsch: Start-up
  • Ελληνικά: νεοφυής επιχείρηση
  • English: start-up
  • Español: start-up
  • Eesti: idufirma
  • Suomi: uusyritys
  • Français: jeune entreprise
  • Hrvatski: novoosnovano poduzeće
  • Magyar: start-up
  • Íslenska: sprotafyrirtæki
  • Italiano: impresa in fase di avviamento
  • Lietuvių: startuolis
  • Latviešu: jaunuzņēmums
  • Malti: negozju ġdid
  • Nederlands: startend bedrijf
  • Norsk: oppstartsselskaper
  • Polski: przedsiębiorstwo rozpoczynające działalność
  • Português: empresa emergente
  • Română: întreprindere nou-înființată
  • Slovenčina: začínajúci podnik
  • Slovenščina: zagonsko podjetje
  • Svenska: uppstartsföretag