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ICT-based mobile work


form of employment where workers can do their job from any place at any time, supported by modern technologies // 2. work carried out at least partly and on a regular basis outside a person’s ‘main office’, whether the latter is the employer’s premises or a customised home office, using ICT to access the company's shared computer systems

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ICT-based mobile work is largely employee-driven. Workers’ motivation to engage in it is often bound up with a desire to commute less and so save time that could be used for different activities. If they organise their workflow and fulfilment of tasks well, ICT-based mobile work can improve work–life balance. Employers use ICT-based mobile work to increase flexibility in work organisation and introduce innovative work practices, hoping to achieve efficiency and productivity gains through the best use of time. As ICT-based mobile work becomes more common for specialists, knowledge workers and management, it may help employers to attract skilled labour. Costs can also be cut by reducing office space.

Term reference

"ICT-based mobile work, EUROFOUND>Observatories Eurwork>Industrial relations dictionary>ICT-based mobile work, [26.9.2018]"


  • Български: базиран на ИКТ мобилен труд
  • Čeština: mobilní práce s využitím IKT
  • Dansk: IT-baseret mobilt arbejde
  • Deutsch: IKT-gestütztes mobiles Arbeiten
  • Ελληνικά: βασισμένη στις ΤΠΕ κινητή εργασία
  • English: ICT-based mobile work
  • Español: trabajo móvil basado en las TIC
  • Eesti: IKT-põhine mobiilne töö
  • Suomi: tieto- ja viestintätekniikkaan perustuva liikkuva työ
  • Français: travail mobile basé sur les TIC
  • Hrvatski: mobilni rad s pomoću informacijskih i komunikacijskih tehnologija
  • Magyar: ikt-alapú mobilmunka
  • Íslenska: ICT-based mobile work
  • Italiano: lavoro mobile basato sulle TIC
  • Lietuvių: mobilusis darbas naudojantis IRT
  • Latviešu: uz IKT balstīts mobils darbs
  • Malti: xogħol mobbli bbażat fuq l-ICT
  • Nederlands: telewerken
  • Norsk: IKT-basert mobilt arbeid
  • Polski: praca mobilna oparta na technologiach informacyjnych i komunikacyjnych (ICT)
  • Português: trabalho móvel com recurso a TIC
  • Română: muncă mobilă bazată pe tehnologia informației și comunicațiilor
  • Slovenčina: mobilná práca s využitím IKT
  • Slovenščina: mobilno delo, ki temelji na IKT
  • Svenska: IKT-mobilt arbete