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pay-back period


"the length of time required for an investment to recover its initial outlay in terms of profits or savings"

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In practice, decision-makers deal with risks by applying high interest rates or requiring very short payback periods. Conventionally, intervention effectiveness studies do not deal with risk, other than to conduct sensitivity analyses or to calculate different scenarios to address uncertainty.

Term reference

Inventory of socioeconomic costs of work accidents, Topic Centre on Research - Work and Health, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2002, [28.9.2018]


  • Български: период на изплащане
  • Čeština: doba návratnosti
  • Dansk: tilbagebetalingsperiode
  • Deutsch: Amortisationsdauer
  • Ελληνικά: περίοδος απόσβεσης
  • English: pay-back period
  • Español: período de amortización
  • Eesti: tasuvusaeg
  • Suomi: takaisinmaksuaika
  • Français: période d’amortissement
  • Hrvatski: pješak
  • Magyar: megtérülési idő
  • Íslenska: endurgreiðslutími
  • Italiano: periodo di recupero
  • Lietuvių: atsipirkimo laikotarpis
  • Latviešu: atmaksāšanās laiks
  • Malti: perjodu ta' rkupru tal-kost
  • Nederlands: terugverdientijd
  • Norsk: inntjeningstid
  • Polski: okres zwrotu nakładów
  • Português: período de recuperação
  • Română: perioadă de amortizare
  • Slovenčina: obdobie návratnosti
  • Slovenščina: obdobje povrnitve naložbe
  • Svenska: återbetalningstid