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migrant worker


person who is to be engaged, is engaged or has been engaged in a remunerated activity in a State of which he or she is not a national

Context: Info

The video raises awareness about chemical risks, depicting a migrant worker ignoring hazards and not using personal protection equipment such as safety gloves. In the video, two of the employer's obligations are highlighted: (1) chemical risk assessment and (2) assessment of the risk arising from the presence of foreign workers.

Term reference

EU-OSHA "Chemical risks" [09/2018]


  • Български: работник мигрант
  • Čeština: migrující pracovník
  • Dansk: migrantarbejder
  • Deutsch: Wanderarbeitnehmer
  • Ελληνικά: διακινούμενος εργαζόμενος
  • English: migrant worker
  • Español: migrant worker
  • Eesti: võõrtöötaja
  • Suomi: siirtotyöläinen
  • Français: travailleur migrant
  • Hrvatski: modeliranje na razini društva
  • Magyar: migráns munkavállaló
  • Íslenska: farandverkamaður
  • Italiano: lavoratore migrante
  • Lietuvių: darbuotojas migrantas
  • Latviešu: migrējošais darba ņēmējs
  • Malti: ħaddiem migrant
  • Nederlands: migrerende werknemer
  • Norsk: arbeidsinnvandrer
  • Polski: pracownik migrujący
  • Português: trabalhador migrante
  • Română: lucrător migrant
  • Slovenčina: migrujúci pracovník
  • Slovenščina: delavec migrant
  • Svenska: migrerande arbetstagare