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voluntary work


activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or individuals or groups other than (or in addition to) close relatives

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From 2006, line managers were trained to identify employee issues, manage sensitive issues by holding appropriate discussions and make referrals to services available to employees under the Wellbeing Programme, in particular RehabWorks focused on rehabilitation. and return to work. ... Voluntary work is encouraged for mental wellbeing.

Term reference

EU-OSHA "Safer and healthier work at any age: Analysis report of workplace good practices and support needs of enterprises", 2016, [09/2018]


  • Български: доброволен труд
  • Čeština: dobrovolná práce
  • Dansk: frivilligt arbejde
  • Deutsch: ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit
  • Ελληνικά: εθελοντική εργασία
  • English: voluntary work
  • Español: voluntary work
  • Eesti: vabatahtlik töö
  • Suomi: vapaaehtoispalvelu
  • Français: bénévolat
  • Hrvatski: "volontiranje volonterski rad"
  • Magyar: önkéntes munka
  • Íslenska: Sjálfboðavinna
  • Italiano: volontariato
  • Lietuvių: savanoriška veikla
  • Latviešu: brīvprātīgais darbs
  • Malti: xogħol volontarju
  • Nederlands: vrijwilligerswerk
  • Norsk: Frivillig arbeid
  • Polski: wolontariat
  • Português: voluntariado
  • Română: activitate de voluntariat
  • Slovenčina: dobrovoľnícka činnosť
  • Slovenščina: prostovoljsko delo
  • Svenska: volontärarbete