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OSH award ceremony in Serbia on the World Day for Occupational Safety and Health

On 28 April 2022, the Ministry of Labour of Serbia organised an OSH ceremony to mark the World OSH Day and with the occasion awarded the best OSH civil society representatives.

The Minister of Labour, the director of the OSH directorate within the Ministry of Labour and ILO awarded respectively the best national companies implementing OSH practices (with a voucher for the purchase of ICT equipment), best OSH Universities' professors (with an OSH certificate) and highest ranked Universities' students in terms of OSH curricula (with a voucher to finance their studies).

The EU-OSHA IPA project manager attended at the ceremony to reinforce the visibility of the Agency vis-à-vis the scope of the EC funded IPA Action 2020-2022, which aims at supporting IPA beneficiaries in their effective participation in the activities of EU-OSHA upon accession.


Photo: Serbian OSH representatives, including the Minister of Labour, representatives from the Ministry OSH Directorate, ILO, University professors, awarded companies and students