International Conference in Morocco – The Structure, Function and Role of National OSH Institutes

In partnership with the International Labour Organisation, the Moroccan Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs and the Moroccan Institute of Working Life (INCVT), EU-OSHA organised a conference in Casablanca bringing together representatives from European and international OSH institutes and stakeholders in Morocco. The conference was organised as part of EU-OSHA’s collaboration with Morocco under its European Neighbourhood Policy project, supported by the European Commission.

The goal of the seminar was to support Moroccan stakeholders in developing an effective model for the National Institute of Working Life by providing examples of national institutes from the EU and beyond. EU-OSHA was supported in the organisation by the European Commission, the ILO and EU-OSHA’s Focal Point in Morocco, Professor Abdeljalil El Kholti, Director General of the INCVT.

The Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, Mr Abdeslam Seddiki, opened the conference with a speech on the current priorities for OSH in Morocco. This was followed by a presentation from the ILO and Professor El Kholti on the history of the INCVT. The rest of the first day was given to presentations from representatives from research institutes in France, Italy, Canada and Tunisia as well as a presentation by EU-OSHA.

The second day of the conference provided an opportunity for the participants to ask questions of the international experts on four technical panels. The panels looked at how to mobilise networks, the importance of links with workplaces and enterprises, the importance of effective relationships between government, social partners and other stakeholders and the value of targeting activities at specific sectors and types of workers.

Following these discussions, participants from Morocco broke into groups of workers, employers and governments to discuss what they saw as the key elements of an INCVT that would be effective and able to support all stakeholders in Morocco. The result of these discussions was very positive with a number of good ideas put forward, which will be taken forward by the Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs.

We would like to thank our co-organisers and all the participants from Morocco, the EU and beyond for making the conference a great success. EU-OSHA looks forward to continuing to cooperate with our partners in Morocco to help make our neighbourhood a safer, healthier and more productive place to work.

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