Computer program supporting activities in the field of occupational health and safety for small and micro enterprises

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The computer program supporting activities in the field of occupational health and safety for small and micro enterprises (MICRO-OSH) is a simple-to-use application with a set of features that support the most important mandatory activities regarding occupational safety and health (OSH). It contains instructions and descriptions of activities in the field of accident prevention.
MICRO-OSH contains simplified mechanisms to enable:

  • characterisation of a small number of jobs when identifying occupational hazards;
  • the introduction and recording of measurement results or the estimation of parameters of harmful and disruptive factors occurring at workstations;
  • automatic risk assessment;
  • documenting of the measurement of harmful factors and risk assessment with the possibility of generating printouts of the relevant summary reports;
  • accident documentation with interactive forms to generate, record and print legally compliant documents;
  • the preparation of documentation related to referrals for medical examination, pre-registration cards and certificates of completion of training.

MICRO-OSH is an application running under the Microsoft Windows operating system; it is available in a standalone version for use on one computer. The software contains five parts, each supporting a different way of working in the scope of OSH: guidebook, guidance, documents, benchmark risk and factory risk. The main aim of the program is to support OSH management in companies, i.e. to support proper identification of occupational risk factors and proper occupational risk assessment, and to facilitate the selection of effective preventive measures to eliminate risk factors and reduce occupational risks at workplaces.
In addition to the above activities related to the characterisation of workstations, the identification of risk factors, the documentation of measurements and the estimation of harmful and disruptive factors, MICRO-OSH also supports the input of data necessary for the development, recording and printing of accident records.

The minimum computer configuration on which MICRO-OSH works properly is either an Intel Pentium II or AMD 450 MHz / 128 MB RAM / 1 GB HDD and a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.
The program must be purchased.

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Sector / Industry covered: 
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Central Institute for Labour Protection — National Research Institute
Prevention measures: 
Level 1. Elimination of hazards
Level 2. Technical measures, e.g. local exhaust ventilation
Level 2. Reducing / minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed
Level 3. Reducing / minimising the risk by personal measures (PPE)
Training / guidance
Materialets syfte: 
Measurement and assessment
Target group: 
All (no specific target group)

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