Sweden – Remote working during Covid-19 and its impact on the human body

Uppgifter om evenemanget

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise


For many workers, the pandemic has meant that teleworking is the new normal. Teleworking represents a drastic shift in many people’s routines, and as such, it has impacted our health, our work and our bodies in a number of ways.

To examine the issue, our Swedish focal point is organising an online webinar on 17 November, as part of the EU-OSHA campaign Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load 2020-22.  Laws, rules and trends related to teleworking to be discussed, as well as the effects of long-term distance work on the health and performance of workers. The session also provides practical tips for maintaining a safe and healthy teleworking routine. The remote leadership is another topic of the agenda.

The webinar is useful for those with an interest in the working environment, in addition to representatives from government authorities, OSH technicians, employers, employees, entrepreneurs and researchers.


  • Frida Eek, Associate Professor at Lund University
  • Gunnar Bergström, Professor at Karolinska Institute and the University of Gävle
  • Hillevi Hemphälä, Senior Lecturer at Lund University
  • Lotta Dellve, Associate Professor at the University of Gothenburg
  • Sten Haage, Senior Consultant and Partner, StrandbergHaage AB

Contact person: Pernilla BJÄRNE–