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Hungary – Building a safe future for the construction sector

Informácie o podujatí

Ministry of Innovation and Technology
Budapest; online
ITM - Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Department of Occupational Safety and Health


How to create a safe working environment, to support companies in the current Covid-19 situation, and how the labour safety authority can take action in relation to targeted inspections?

The Hungarian national focal point hosts a conference to identify the safety challenges and issues in the local construction sector and discuss how to prepare the sector for the next decade. Expertise is provided by Government ministers, industry - and private company safety experts.

Streaming online to some 100 attendees due to Covid-19 protective measures, the conference is of particular interest to companies, employers and employees in the construction sector.


  • Balogh Katalin, National Focal Point Manager
  • Prof. Dr. László Palkovics, Minister of Innovation and Technology
  • Sándor Bodó, Secretary of State, Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • Nesztinger Péter, Head of Department, Ministry of Innovation and Technology
  • László Koji, President of Évosz (National Association of Construction Enterprises)
  • Dávid Gregor, Head of Labour Safety, Henkel Hungary Ltd.