European opinion poll on occupational safety and health 2012

Design and results of the European opinion poll conducted in 2012 across 36 European countries

Opinion poll design

  • Universe: Population aged 18+ with usual place of residence and in the respective language
  • Sample: Representative sample in each of the 36 participating European countries
  • Method of data collection: CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews) across 26 countries. In Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Malta, Slovakia, Romania, and Türkiye, interviews were conducted face to face
  • Sample size: 36,000 interviews (approximately 1,000 per country except in Lichtenstein with 200 interviews conducted)
  • Fieldwork period: 28th October 2011 to 17th January 2012

Questionnaire overview

  1. Do you think the number of people suffering from job-related stress in [country] will increase, decrease or stay around the same over the next five years?
  2. Regarding safety and health risks at the workplace, do you consider yourself….? (Very well informed | Fairly well informed | Not very well informed | Not at all informed)
  3. Many European governments are considering or have decided to increase their retirement age because people are living for longer. In your view, how important, if at all, are good health and safety practices to help people work for longer before they retire? (Very important | Fairly important | Not very important | Not at all important)
  4. If you raised a health and safety problem in your workplace with your supervisor, how confident are you that it would be addressed? (Very confident | Fairly confident | Not very confident | Not at all confident)
  5. How much do you agree or disagree with the following statement.
    In order for [country] to be economically competitive, workplaces need to follow good health and safety practices? (Strongly agree | Tend to agree | Neither agree nor disagree | Tend to disagree | Strongly disagree)

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