OSHwiki article in the spotlight: Hazardous medicinal products


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Hazardous medicinal products (HMP) are pharmaceutical substances, such as antineoplastics, antivirals, hormones and immunosuppressants, that can cause harm to human health or the environment if not handled appropriately. 

Approximately 1.8 million workers are exposed to them, with 69% of these workers employed in hospitals and clinics, and 19% in pharmacies. The primary areas of HMP use include oncology, transplantation, HIV and Hepatitis B & C treatment, and rheumatology. 

Exposure to these products can have significant consequences for occupational safety and health (OSH) with carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic risks leading to acute or chronic health effects. To minimise the risk of exposure, effective controls and procedures for handling, storing, and disposing of these substances must be established. 

Understand better what hazardous medicinal products are, their occupational risks and learn about prevention and control measures in this OSHwiki article.

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