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European Occupational Diseases Statistics (EODS) - new pilot project by Eurostat

The European Occupational Diseases Statistics (EODS) is an experimental project by Eurostat to assess legislation's efficiency in safety and health at work at the European level.

This project responds to the need to have a unique database that provides trends in the European Union's most recognized occupational diseases. The experimental nature of EODS is mainly related to the existence of different legal systems and procedures for recognizing occupational diseases in Europe, difficulting the comparative exercise between member states. The data is currently being collected at a national level by various organizations and then centralised by Eurostat.

To help Eurostat improve these experimental statistics, users and researchers are kindly invited to give their feedback responding to the following questions:

  • Would you have comments or suggestions regarding the 'core list' of occupational diseases and their groupings?
  • Would you have comments or suggestions regarding the collected variables?
  • Which other indicators could be useful and taking into account overcoming the comparability problem?

Learn more about Eurostat´s European Occupational Diseases Statistics (EODS)