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Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health

Movement is an essential requirement for proper cognitive and musculoskeletal development in children and adolescents. During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, as young people cope with a different and more sedentary living, musculoskeletal health initiatives need to be brought into educational institutions more than ever.

To raise awareness about this relevant issue, EU-OSHA, in collaboration with the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH), is organising on 3 December the online seminar "Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health."

This online event addresses current topics like the Austrian "Moving school" model - promoting movement initiatives for teachers and children - or the musculoskeletal health challenges schools face in Corona's times.

Find out more about "Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health" on-line seminar

Read our discussion paper "The Austrian Moving School model: school quality means enabling the children to live out their natural need for exercise"