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Why is occupational safety and health good for business?

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Occupational Health and Safety Authority


It has long been clear that there is a strong business case for investing in occupational safety and health (OSH). Studies estimate that for every €1 invested in OSH, there is a return of €2.20. Good workplace safety and health improves workers’ productivity, reduces absenteeism and lessens the amount of compensation that would otherwise need to be paid.

To explore why OSH is essential and why it’s good for business, the Maltese focal point is organising an online webinar on 30 July. The event begins with a general introduction to the topic, including an overview of the key concepts involved in good OSH. Speakers then discuss the costs and benefits of investing in OSH, focusing on the positive impact of investment and the negative consequences of unsafe and unhealthy workplaces. Finally, speakers put the issue in context by addressing the national OSH legislative framework in Malta. They discuss the legal duties of employers, workers, self-employed persons, construction project supervisors and clients. They underline that compliance with such legislation results in happier, healthier and safer workplaces.

This webinar provides an excellent introduction to the topic of OSH and would therefore be useful to anyone with an interest in learning more about the key concepts involved. More specifically, duty holders such as employers, workers, and the self-employed, OSH consultants and members of the general public may find the webinar useful.


  • Melhino Mercieca, Senior Manager at the Occupational Health and Safety Authority
  • Shylon Muscat, Principal OHS Officer at the Occupational Health and Safety Authority
  • Silvio Farrugia, Senior Manager at the Occupational Health and Safety Authority

Contact person: Melhino MERCIECA - +356 21247677 - melhino.mercieca@gov.mt