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The Agency is looking for a candidate with broad expertise in health and safety at work and a background in social research or analysis of policy and practice to join a team of 14 project managers in the Prevention and Research Unit. As a member of this unit the jobholder will help inform policy making in the EU and in its Member States, as well as raising awareness about occupational safety and health (OSH) and helping develop tools for use at the workplace. The jobholder will assist the Head of Unit in planning, monitoring and reporting and will lead or support in the definition and planning of research projects, in their commissioning, and in the communication and promotion of their findings.

Under the supervision of the Head of the Prevention and Research Unit, the Senior Project Manager will be required to work on a broad range of occupational health and safety issues. The jobholder will contribute to the activity-based planning of the unit, assisting in the estimation and allocation of resources and monitoring implementation of the annual programme of work. He or she will set up and oversee projects, carry out research and analysis, manage contracts and assist in dissemination and promotion of outputs. Either leading or as part of a small team, the jobholder may work in any of the areas covered by the Prevention and Research Unit:

  • Anticipating change through the identification of new and emerging risks in order to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of preventive measures. Research methods used include expert surveys to provide forecasts and scenario-building as part of a foresight.
  • Providing facts and figures to give an accurate and comprehensive picture of OSH risks, their effects and how they are prevented and managed. Comprehensive analysis projects are carried out based on survey data, administrative data, expert interviews, focus groups and literature reviews.
  • Developing tools for OSH management for smaller workplaces to manage health and safety and consequently improve implementation of the core elements of EU OSH legislation. Implementation of the online interactive risk assessment tool (OiRA) allows sector-specific tools to be developed.
  • Raising awareness to get the OSH message across to the multiple intermediaries and beneficiaries by campaigning on workplace risks and how to prevent them. Specific projects support the two-year Healthy Workplaces Campaigns.
  • Networking knowledge to mobilise the OSH community through new tools. The OSHwiki not only provides information on the whole range of OSH issues, but also functions as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Further information about the work carried under these areas is available on EU-OSHA’s website at

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