‘Our Time’ – a work-life balance project, Inland Revenue
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‘Our Time’ – a work-life balance project, Inland Revenue

Keywords:Stres i zagrożenia psychospołeczne, Zapobieganie nieszczęśliwym wypadkom

The Inland Revenue needed to extend its opening hours to the public to provide a more accessible service. The Revenue also wanted their staff to have a better balance between work and personal life. Public and Commercial Services Union and the Inland Revenue launched the partnership pilot project aimed to provide benefits for:

  • all staff: by providing greater choice in when and how people work to ensure work-life balance and to reduce work-related stress;
  • all business: by organising work in different ways to improve efficiency; and
  • all customers: by improving accessibility; offering a better level of public service at times convenient to all customers.

One of the main objectives of the project was to improve the morale and motivation of staff, and to make the company an attractive employer.

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