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Poland – How to better manage the new work-related stress

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Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB)


Employees’ wellbeing and the psychological consequences of the way we work are important Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) aspects.

To better understand these risks, EU-OSHA conducted a survey in over 45,000 establishments from 33 countries, in 2019. Its findings on the management of psychological risks, such as work-related stress and harassment, were published in the Third European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks (ESENER 3). With the ‘new normal’ pushing the limits of these work-related psychological risks, the Polish focal point is organising an online event to discuss the ESENER 3 results and how they can be applied amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event is broadcast online from Warsaw, with representatives from research institutes and business consultancy firms, covering both employees’ and employers’ perspectives when it comes to work-related wellbeing. Speakers discuss the main psychological problems caused by the current pandemic situation and ways of dealing with them, health care aspects of psychological risks at work and how European enterprises are addressing these new issues.


  • Dr. Wiktor M. Zawieska, Deputy Director for Technology and Implementations, Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB)
  • Beata Dyraga, Prodialog
  • Dr. Dorota Źolnierczyk – Zreda, CIOP-PIB
  • Dr. Marcin Capiga, Training Tree
  • Mariusz Smoliński, Director of ICAN Research
  • Dr. Zofia Pawlowska, CIOP-PIB

Contact person: Wiktor Marek ZAWIESKA  focalpoint.pl@ciop.pl