European Parliament pilot project on health and safety of older workers

The project “Safer and healthier work at any age – occupational safety and health (OSH) in the context of an ageing workforce”, was initiated and financed by the European Parliament (see Official Journal of the European Communities 29.02.2012, II/230 - II/231) and was carried out by EU-OSHA by delegation from the European Commission.

The aim of the European Parliament was to investigate ways of improving health and safety at work considering the challenges of an ageing workforce and to assist policy development in this area. The project carried out by the agency provides a comprehensive overview of issues related to ageing, work, and OSH and an analysis of policies and initiatives addressing the ageing of the workforce across Europe. The project also took account of Eurofound research on sustainable work.

An interactive visual presentation of key-results of the project is available, including data on demographics, employment, working conditions, and health, as well as examples of OSH and related policies across Europe addressing the challenges of an ageing workforce. 

Reports produced under the project:


Safer and healthier work at any age - Final overall analysis report – the report combines the findings of the project and includes policy pointers and recommendations aimed at different levels and types of audience.



The ageing workforce: implications for occupational safety and health - A research review. Based on desk research that reviewed existing information regarding the topics.

Women and the ageing workforce: implications for occupational safety and health - A research review. Based on desk research



Analysis report on EU and Member States policies, strategies and programmes on population and workforce ageing – the report addresses the challenges of an ageing workforce in the field of OSH and policy areas that affect it, such as employment and social affairs, public health and education.



Rehabilitation and return to work: Analysis report on EU and Member States policies, strategies and programmes.

Research review on rehabilitation and return to work – carried out by means of desk research to provide an overview summary of knowledge and recommendations in the field

In-depth description of 9 case studies on rehabilitation/return to work programmes – the descriptions include views of experts, stakeholders or those taking part in them.



Safer and healthier work at any age - Country inventories - the information was gathered through desk research by national experts in each country and supplemented by discussion groups organised with OSH intermediaries and experts in ten Member States

Language versions of country inventories



Safer and healthier work at any age: an analysis of workplace good practice and needs for support – the report summarises the findings from the case studies and the qualitative research.

24 case studies of workplace good practices – the case studies include experiences of those involved in the actions and views and needs of small businesses.

Safer and healthier work at any age: Review of resources for workplaces


Multilingual e-guide on managing safety and health at work for an ageing workforce

Stakeholder Conference

A stakeholder conference, held on the 22nd of September 2015 in Brussels, presented the main findings and conclusions from the project to an audience of Member States and European level policy makers.

See more on the conference

This project supports the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2016-2017 “Healthy workplaces for all ages”  providing background information for the Campaign.