Award Winner 2018

2018 Healthy Workplaces Film Award winner

Marina | Germany Julia Roesler

The jury’s award-winning film throws light on the global working hierarchy where economic necessity creates imbalances for others to prosper. The need for money makes women leave their families at home to fill the gap in the care for the elderly in the west. 

Marina, a Romanian nurse, unsparingly and down to the tiniest detail, talks about 24-hour care, controls and humiliations. Marina is an example here. Her voice represents that of many Eastern European female work migrants.

The film is produced in an appealing manner which connects well with its audience.

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Special mention

Open to the Public | Italy Silvia Bellotti

The jury wishes to give a special mention for a dedicated fly-on-the-wall film that mercilessly captures the paralysing bureaucracy at the housing department in Naples. It is not only the clients but also the public servants who are paralysed by the mysteries of the system where nobody seems to be responsible for anything.

Very well shot and edited, all done with great humour and compassion for the protagonist.

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  • Ash and Ember (De cendres et de braises) Manon Ott, Grégory Cohen, France
  • The Time of Forests (Le temps des forêts) François-Xavier Drouet, France
  • The Republic’s Couriers (Les coursiers de la république) Badredine Haouari, France
  • Chez Jolie Coiffure  Rosine Mbakam, Belgium
  • The Days and the Year (Die Tage wie das Jahr) Othmar Schmiderer, Austria
  • Oro Blanco Gisela Carbajal Rodriguez, Germany, Argentina
  • Symphony of the Ursus (Factory Symfonia Fabryki Ursus) Jaśmina Wójcik, Poland