Finance and budget

EU-OSHA is financed by the European Union.

Each year, EU-OSHA is allocated funds by the EU’s budgetary authority, which is made up of the European Parliament (directly elected MEPs) and the Council of the European Union (representatives of the 27 Member State governments).

EU-OSHA also runs specific projects for which separate funds are earmarked by the EU. Examples include a large-scale pilot project on the safety and health of older workers and one dealing with occupational safety and health in the European Neighbourhood and Partnership countries.

Sound financial management

The implementation of EU-OSHA’s budget is governed by its financial regulation, which ensures transparency and accountability.

EU-OSHA uses an activity-based management and budgeting system, which allows it to monitor the costs of its activities closely. This helps to ensure that the Agency makes the best use of its resources.

Read the Financial regulation applicable to the budget of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (in English only).

Finance and budget information by financial year