The Management Board and Executive Board

Who are the key decision-makers at EU-OSHA?

The Management Board

The Management Board sets the Agency’s strategy and goals, and holds the Executive Director accountable. It is governed by the founding regulation and the rules of procedure. The Management Board appoints the Executive Director and adopts these key documents:

Management Board members are appointed in accordance with EU-OSHA’s founding regulation. The Council appoints representatives of the three main interest groups — governments, employers and workers’ associations — for each Member State. The European Commission appoints its own members and the European Parliament appoints an independent expert.

The role of Chairperson of the Management Board rotates among the representatives of the three main interest groups each year. The Management Board meets atleast twice a year and the minutes of the meetings are publicly available, see the membership of the Management Board, including declarations of interest and absence of conflict of interests, and summary of CVs.

The Executive Board of the Management Board

This is a smaller steering group comprising 8 members of the Management Board. It meets three times a year to oversee the preparation and implementation of Management Board decisions. The minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board are also available to the public (see below).

See the membership of the Executive Board and the alternates.