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OSH-focused film screening and discussion in Slovakia highlights importance of return to work and mental wellbeing


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Following successful screenings of the Healthy Workplaces Film Award-winning documentary Bird Island in Spain, Hungary and Poland, a new screening is being organised in Slovakia. The documentary provides a visual representation of rehabilitation following a long-term mental health issue.

Organised by the Slovak focal point, members of the Slovak occupational safety and health (OSH) network, safety technicians and the professional public are invited to view the documentary from 9 to 12 April. This is followed by a discussion on the main themes of the film in relation to safety and health in the workplace, taking place on 13 April.

The documentary presents an analogy between the process of healing of injured birds and the recovery of the main character who returns to work after a serious illness. It highlights the complexity of the return to the work process, underlines the role of a mentor as an essential element in the process, and emphasises that mental wellbeing is necessary at the workplace but also in society at large.

Participants will receive a time-limited access to the film via the Internet service VIMEO as well as to an online discussion hosted on MS Teams and moderated by Michaela Machajová, Deputy head of the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Healthcare and Social Work at the University of Trnava. After the film discussion, participants will be introduced to the Healthy Workplaces campaign and the activities planned for 2021 by Ladislav Kerekeš, EU-OSHA’s National Focal Point lead.

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