Luxembourg – Testimonials on preventing work-related MSDs

Opplysninger om aktiviteten

Inspection du Travail et des Mines


Preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among workers is not a simple challenge, and practical examples are needed in order for businesses to better understand how to manage the issue.

The focal point in Luxembourg is organising a webinar on 29 October to provide tangible and practical tips on preventing MSDs. The event focuses on the extent of MSD problems for workers and the wider impact on occupational safety and health. Speakers present a case study from the health sector and explain how the practical approach, combined with in-house training, was successful. Furthermore, speakers discuss the psychological factors influencing musculoskeletal disorders and how kinaesthetics – or moving consciously – can help improve workers’ health.

The webinar will be held in French with simultaneous interpretation in German. After the webinar, a page will be made available on the focal point’s website where participants will be able to access the programme, documentation and PowerPoint presentations.


  • Patrice Furlani, European and International Affairs, Labour Inspectorate
  • Armin Koegel, Doctor, Occupational Health Division, Directorate for Health, Ministry of Health
  • Charles Frauenberg, Head of Department, Prevention and Protection Department, Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHdN)
  • David Büchel, Occupational Psychologist, Chambre des Salariés Luxembourg
  • Mary Cassao, Caregiver, Kinaesthetics Trainer, Prevention and Protection Department, Centre Hospitalier du Nord (CHnD)

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