Environmental and Occupational Health Aspects Related to NANO- AND ULTRAFINE PARTICULATE MATTER

Opplysninger om aktiviteten

Hotel Alexandra
National Institute of Occupational Health - STAMI
03/06/2019 - 06/06/2019


Objectives and Main Topics

The main aim of this conference is to provide a forum to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge about how ultrafine and nano-sized particulate matter may affect human health and the environment. Ultrafine particulate matter has been the focus of extensive research for many years and considerably evidence from experimental and epidemiological studies has led to scientific consensus on the associations between airborne exposure and increased incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Occupational exposure to fine particulate matter is at a much higher level compared to ambient air exposures. However, limited evidence of the same association has emerged from occupational settings. Furthermore, it is not yet clear which causative agents present in e.g. PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 fractions and underlying their mechanisms are responsible for the adverse health effects. It is likely that the source of the ultrafine particulate matter is a factor, which influences characteristics and composition of particles and thus plays a role in determining the health effects.