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Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances


IPB Insurance


IPB Insurance is a mutual insurance company and the provider of insurance, claims management and risk management services to its members – the local authorities, education authorities and Health Service Executive.  The objective of the Client Enterprise Risk Management Services is to raise awareness of good practice in respect of governance, enterprise risk management and employee safety, health and welfare management.  Between 2010 and 2012 we facilitated the development of a bespoke safety management system for the local authorities to support compliance with legislation, codes of practice, standards and guidance so that a body of assurance could be built over time of the robustness of the safety management system.  Other objectives included the reduction and ideally the elimination of employee fatalities, reduction in the number of incidents resulting in employee injury, and promoting a culture of safety management in all local authorities.  We are currently replicating this work with the education authorities.  Our objective is to deliver the first tranche of outputs (47 guidance documents on policies and procedures related to employee safety, health and welfare).

IPB Insurance is a member of the Irish Focal Point and is an active supporter of the European Agency’s initiatives on Health Workplaces for People of all Ages.  In 2016 we facilitated the delivery of conference on this subject with a focus on building employee resilience and wellbeing.  The delegate evaluations demonstrated a high level of satisfaction with the conference content and they indicated the value of the learning that could be taken back to the workplace.