Easy Ergonomics - Practical approach for improving the workplace

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This booklet offers a simple, hands-on approach to workplace ergonomics that can work  regardless of the size of your organization. It is designed for owners, supervisors, and employees as they work toward improving their workplace. The booklet is divided into four sections: I. How Ergonomics Can Help. Introduces you to ergonomics, describes the benefits of taking a proactive approach, and illustrates some practical workplace improvements made by employers and employees in California. II. Ergonomics and Your Workplace. Describes factors  that may contribute to problems in work tasks. Also provides a simple method to help you address ergonomics issues in your workplace. III. Improving Your Workplace. Shows examples of ergonomic improvements. Offers suggestions to help set priorities, make informed choices, and determine whether your improvements are working effectively. IV. Resources. Includes a problem-solving exercise. Presents basic information on musculoskeletal disorders, suggestions for getting help from a health-care provider, and ergonomics references for further reading (including case studies and Internet Web sites).


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