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Aħbarijiet dwar l-OSH

Inactive population - a segment with employment potential, Eurofound says

In the EU as a whole, 28% of people of working age are economically inactive, that is, they are not working, not seeking work and/or not available for work, as defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO). Eurofound has carried out a research report that explores European inactive population, a heterogeneous segment with great employment potential.

The report shows that many inactive people would like to be in paid work in some capacity, given the right conditions. Others may need extra time to prepare themselves for the job market, such as people with health problems or disabilities. For Eurofound, “policy measures that facilitate a transition from inactivity to employment (such as the ability to keep some social benefits after one has started work, mentoring or on-the-job training) should be encouraged”.

Download the report.

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