The aim of this blog is to bring you news about developments in occupational safety and health across the EU and beyond, and also about EU-OSHA initiatives and activities to fulfill our mission.

We are one of the smallest EU agencies and cannot promise to reply to every comment, but we will read them and bear them in mind to shape our future work. The blog content is available only in English.

Jaunākie ieraksti


Travelling is enriching!  In recent weeks, I have had a fair amount of contacts and missions in Europe and here’s a round-up of some interesting discoveries...


In my earlier blog “Latest news on the global and European burden of disease and injury at work” I had estimated that there could be some 18.7 million people suffering from health problems in the EU27. This was derived from my extrapolation based on the self-reported illness surveys in Finland and UK. This is also a reply to Steve’s question on European statistics.


We have added a new service: the Google translation, which allows you to read the blog, in any language.


I would like to welcome you to the launch of the EU-OSHA blog, and explain why we have decided to take this step and how we hope that you can get involved.

From the very beginning of the Agency’s activities –back in 1996, when Internet access was far from widespread– we saw the World Wide Web as the fastest and most cost-effective channel for information dissemination. Not everyone believed that ‘this Web thing’ would go very far (we had to call it an “Experimental World Wide Web service”!), but we made every effort to turn it into an efficient communication channel.