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Portugal – Promoting healthy work practices for all ages

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Lisbon; online
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Europe is facing the challenge of an increasingly small and ageing working population: in 2030, workers aged 55 to 64 years old are expected to make up 30% or more of the working population. It is therefore incumbent on all workplaces to promote safe and healthy work practices for all ages.

To discuss this challenge, the Portuguese focal point is organising a webinar where employers’ and workers’ representatives discuss how workplaces can prepare for the future. Speakers also focus on the impact of work-related diseases, in particular exposure to carcinogens.

Taking place online, around 50 stakeholders are taking part. The webinar is of particular interest to employers and workplace representatives.


  • Helena Krippalh, Division Head of the External Entities Regulation Division (DREE) at the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT)
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Employers’ Representative on the EU-OSHA Management Board, Confederation of Commerce and Services of Portugal (CCP)
  • Vanda Cruz, Workers’ Representative on the EU-OSHA Management Board, General Workers Union (UGT)