EU-OSHA ENP Project in Tunisia

James Sumner

EU-OSHA representatives travelled to Tunis in December 2014 to meet with our partners in the Republic of Tunisia, as part of EU-OSHA’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) project supported by the European Commission. 

During our short stay in Tunis, we visited the Tunisian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and met the team working there, including doctors, engineers, researchers and communications specialists. We had an opportunity to visit their laboratories and discuss their ongoing work in the field.
Our meeting was attended by representatives of the National Institute for OSH in Tunisia as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs, including the Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate and the National Health Insurance. The meeting provided EU-OSHA with an opportunity to introduce the work of the agency and discuss the current priorities for occupational safety and health in the EU. We also learnt about the current system in Tunisia for managing occupational safety and health.
The discussions were informative and productive and we were able to identify a number of areas of shared concern and to highlight activities for future collaboration over the course of the project and beyond.
EU-OSHA would like to thank our colleagues in Tunisia for welcoming us to Tunis and for the informative and interesting discussion. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration in the coming months to help make the EU and Tunisia safer, healthier and more productive places to work.
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