Strumenti pratici e orientamenti sui disturbi muscoloscheletrici

Per consentire un’agevole valutazione e gestione dei rischi di DMS nei luoghi di lavoro, la nostra banca dati di facile utilizzo contiene vari strumenti pratici e materiali orientativi sviluppati a livello dell’UE e nazionale.

Le risorse includono studi campione e materiali visivi e riguardano svariati settori, tipi di pericolo e misure di prevenzione. Alcune sono rivolte in modo specifico a determinati soggetti interessati, ad esempio datori di lavoro, lavoratori o dirigenti, mentre altre alla gestione dei DMS tra gruppi specifici di lavoratori. Le risorse possono essere filtrate per una di queste categorie o altre ancora, così non avrai problemi a trovare esattamente ciò che cerchi.

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Guides & Tools Germania German
Provider (English)
Professional association for wood and metal
Provider (Original)
Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall

This leaflet focuses on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and what to do if you have similar complaints. It is designed for workers in both the wood and metal industry, but it's principles can be used in other sectors as well.

Case study Austria German
Provider (English)
Austrian Labour inspection
Provider (Original)

The objective of the "Ergo-Guide concept" was to qualify workers in the field of ergonomics so that they can identify ergonomic problems (e.g. awkward posture and movement) at the workplaces, systematically analyse the ergonomic hazards and help to find solutions to prevent MSDs. More than 250...

Visual resources Guides & Tools Germania German
Provider (English)
German Social Accident Insurance for the Food and Catering sector (BGN)
Provider (Original)
Berugsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gaststätten (BGN)
Provider (English)
Research Centre for Applied System Safety and Industrial Medicine
Provider (Original)
Forschungsgesellschaft für angewandte Systemsicherheit und Arbeitsmedizin

Awkward postures, repetitive motions and manual handling of loads, combined with unfavourable working conditions, are common in the bakery industry. These and many other factors can determine whether a worker is at risk of developing Musculoskeletal diseases (MSDs). Practical training in the...