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FPS Employment, labour and Social Dialogue, Rue Ernest Blèrot, 1 - 1070 Brussels
The workshop on Protecting workers in the Online Platform Economy: regulatory and policy developments in the EU took place in Brussels on 24 May. Organised by EU-OSHA, the aim was to discuss the findings of a study that was carried out to get an...
EU-OSHA premises - Santiago de Compostela, 12 - 48003 - Bilbao
On 11 June 2015, EU-OSHA hosted a seminar in Bilbao to discuss three review articles on the future of work. The main aim was to identify possible emerging risks or challenges for safety and health at work from crowdsourcing, the use of performance-...
ANSES, French Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, Paris
A „Reprodukcióra ható munkahelyi kockázatok: az ismeretektől a megvalósításig” című műhelytalálkozót az Európai Munkahelyi Biztonsági és Egészségvédelmi Ügynökség (EU-OSHA) rendezte 2014. január 15–16-án, a Francia Élelmiszerügyi, Környezeti és...
FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue 1, Ernest Blerotstreet, Brussels
The problems of both violence and harassment at work have created special interest in recent years, which has resulted in many scientific and popular publications related to this topic. Also, social preoccupation has increased and different...
FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue - Brussels
On 8-9 April 2008, in Brussels, EU-OSHA brought together leading experts at a high level workshop to discuss and consolidate the results of the Agency’s expert forecast on emerging psychosocial risks, which focused on issues such as precarious work...