EU-OSHA Funding guide 2015
07/09/2015 Típus: Jelentések 112 oldal

EU-OSHA Funding guide 2015

Keywords:Dobar OSH (sigurnost i zdravlje na radu) dobar je za poslovanje, Microenterprises, OiRA

The document ‘EU funding opportunities for EU-OSHA stakeholders’ aims to provide information on funding in the EU with regard to occupational safety and health (OSH). The guide will facilitate the identification of appropriate funding sources for EU-OSHA stakeholders. It is developed for the following diverse target groups that have been highlighted at the top of the guide’s factsheets: national authorities,social partners at Member State level, EU sectoral social dialogue partners, researchers/research institutes, OSH professionals and other groups, such as public insurance organisations. The aim of the guide is to provide a comprehensive overview of the possible EU funding sources providing financial support for activities, initiatives and projects related to OSH.


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