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Eurofound Webinar: Flexible working in the digital age - Is everyone a winner?

On 13 June, Eurofound hosts a webinar on flexible working in the digital age focused on its latest research findings on the growing number of ICT-based mobile workers, or workers who are not tied to a particular work location as they use a tablet, laptop or phone to connect to the company network via Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).

The webinar brings together practitioners and policymakers to illustrate experiences and share innovative approaches aimed at addressing issues arising from this employment form. It will be an opportunity to hear from those on the ground and to explore the advantages and disadvantages of telework/ICT-based mobile work for employees, employers and the self-employed.

EU-OSHA contributes to the webinar with the participation of Emmanuelle Brun, a project manager who manages foresight work on new and emerging challenges to occupational safety and health at the agency.

Attendees will be able to take part in the live Q&A session and send in questions and reactions via the live chat.

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