Image by: European Platform tackling undeclared work 


#EU4FairWork: The first European campaign for declared work

Undeclared work puts employees at a multitude of risks. It hampers fair competition and undermines public finances, social protection and wider social cohesion.

Now, the first European campaign, EU4FairWork, will be launched by the European Commission in March to tackle undeclared work and its root causes. The campaign aims to contribute towards behavioural change across Europe through positive messaging about the benefits of declared work.

Most affected sectors by undeclared work include construction, agriculture, road transport, tourism, renovation or repair works, cleaning, provision of childcare and HORECA. Transforming undeclared work into declared work requires a joint and holistic approach. To support this, the European Platform tackling undeclared work was established in 2016 with a focus to enhance greater cooperation between Member States.

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