Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health: online seminar resources now available

Movement is an essential requirement for proper cognitive and musculoskeletal development in children and adolescents. During the Covid-19 pandemic situation, as young people cope with a different and more sedentary living, musculoskeletal health initiatives need to be brought into educational institutions more than ever.

To raise awareness about this relevant issue, EU-OSHA, in collaboration with the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) recently organised the online seminar "Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health."

This online event addressed current topics like the Austrian "Moving school" model - promoting movement initiatives for teachers and children - or the musculoskeletal health challenges schools face in Corona's times.

Find out more about "Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health" on-line seminar

Read our discussion paper "The Austrian Moving School model: school quality means enabling the children to live out their natural need for exercise"