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Poland – Working safely and effectively from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Central Institute for Labour Protection and National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB)


With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the nature of work, many workers are now exposed to previously unforeseen risks. It is important that both employers and workers fully understand these new risks in order to continue working in a safe and healthy environment.

To examine the risks associated with remote working, the Polish national focal point is organising a webinar on the topic. The speakers focus on time management and how to be effective and healthy when working remotely. They also provide best practice tips for remote working, as well as some advice on what not to do. Participants learn which factors disrupt work and waste time, how to organise ergonomic spaces, processes, and tasks, and how to effectively set priorities and goals. They also learn some techniques to reduce stress.

Around 50 participants are taking part in the online webinar, including employees of the Polish Central Institute for Labour Protection.


  • Danuta Jacoń-Chmielecka, MA in psychology and certified coach and trainer

Contact person: Wiktor Marek ZAWIESKA –