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Poland – Maintaining employees’ wellbeing while working remotely

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Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute (Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy CIOP-PIB)


Remote working, especially in the context of Covid-19, can be extremely challenging when it comes to maintaining good health and wellbeing.

To address the occupational safety and health aspects of transforming homes into offices, the Polish national focal point is organising an online conference “Backbone on the couch: How to take care of your health when working remotely.” Various aspects of teleworking are discussed, such as the health risks of sedentary work, the need for ergonomic equipment and the psychological implications of remote work. Emphasis is given to the short and long term consequences of routines that contain long periods of sitting.  Speakers also propose ways of breaking this 'addiction'. In line with the recommendations from the panels, the conference has short breaks for stretching and exercise.

The conference is broadcast online from Warsaw and is of interest to specialists in the field, as well as people adapting to working from home.


  • Dorota Żołnierczyk-Zreda, Senior Researcher at the CIOP-PIB
  • Joanna Bugajska, Head of the Department of Work Ergonomics at the CIOP-PIB
  • Joanna Kamińska, Researcher at the CIOP-PIB
  • Marzena Malińska, Laboratory of Physiology and Occupational Hygiene, CIOP-PIB

Contact person: Wiktor Marek ZAWIESKA