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Human Biomonitoring in Europe - science and policy for healthy citizens

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Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism and European Commission


Under the Austrian EU presidency, Vienna will hold an international conference highlighting the benefits of human biomonitoring for policy making. Going hand-in-hand with the main subjects of EU-OSHA’s current Healthy Workplaces campaign, human biomonitoring detects (traces of) chemicals in our bodies to improve public health. Since chemicals are widely used in food and consumer products, the exposure to chemicals raises concerns among EU citizens.

Hosting a great number of high-level representatives from all EU Member States and the European Commission, the event’s programme foresees 3 sessions covering different aspects of human biomonitoring in Europe. Session A will focus on the explanation of how the biomonitoring contributes to policy making, while session B will present the results of HBM4EU and address new challenges and risk assessments. To conclude, session C will bring perspectives and views on the future of Human Biomonitoring in Europe.