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Harmonising health and safety standards for a stronger European wind energy industry

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Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Terminal 2E, BP 35051 , Tremblay en France, 95716 France
Wind Harmony


The Wind Harmony project organises its 3rd  interactive workshop on harmonisation of health and safety standards for wind energy.

This one day event will validate the topics for potential harmonisation based on the expected health and safety improvements, cost reductions and overall efficiency for the wind industry. It will also identify possible intervention for each of the health and safety topics. This may include harmonisation or standardisation at the European level.  The results will feed into the European Commission’s future priorities for health and safety in the wind sector.

The “Wind Harmony” study examines the potential alignment of health and safety standards in wind energy – covering both onshore and offshore wind sites – from construction and operation and maintenance, to decommissioning.

The topics to be discussed are identified through previous project workshops and surveys.  Earlier involvement with the project is not mandatory for attendance. The organisers will send detailed information and materials to all participants prior to the workshop.

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Register here for the workshop before 3rd March 2020.