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Chemicals in an ideal dairy

Visual resources


A pdf of a slide show which includes images. Project "Chemistry at the ideal dairy": based on many chemical accidents in the dairy industry, MIA (Mejeriindustriens Arbejdsmiljøudvalg - Dairy industry's Working Environment Committee) set up a working group of company representatives to specify the requirements for an occupational health and safety counselor who will have the task of developing visual material regarding chemicals on dairies, specifically the storage, handling, use of protective equipment, repair and maintenance, ventilation, labeling and packaging, safety data sheets, instruction and supervision as well as waste and disposal. This resulted in a slideshow and a poster showing examples of handling chemistry at the ideal dairy. It is thought that the slideshow can be used in the work environment organisation and in MIA's work environment education. Attention is drawn to the fact that the pdf version of the slideshow enables you to jump directly to the focus area you want by clicking on a link

Other data

Sector / Industry covered: 
Work environment council for the agriculture sector
Tasks covered: 
Handling Chemicals
Hazard - physical state: 
Hazard - health effects: 
Toxic substances
Fire and explosion
Exposure route: 
Dermal contact
Substance Description: 

Chemicals used in a dairy.

Prevention measures: 
Level 2. Technical measures, e.g. local exhaust ventilation
Level 2. Reducing / minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed
Level 3. Reducing / minimising the risk by personal measures (PPE)
Hygiene measures
Purpose of the material: 
Awareness raising
Target group: 
All (no specific target group)

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