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EU-OSHA welcomes Members of the European Parliament to its Bilbao headquarters!

There was quite some excitement in EU-OSHA, Bilbao, as we welcomed a delegation of MEPs for a two-day study visit on July 17-18 2017.  Director, Christa Sedlatschek, and staff were on hand to guide the guests through several presentations of our flagship activities, including ESENER, the Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) project, our worldwide awareness-raising campaigns and projects dedicated to micro and small enterprises.

The delegation consisted of Anne Sander, MEP, from France, who is a member of the EPP group in the European Parliament.  Ms Sander is currently steering the revision of the founding regulations of CEDEFOP through the committee and plenary stages of the legislative process.  Also, we were delighted to welcome Czeslaw Hoc, MEP, from Poland, who is a member of the ECR group.  Mr Hoc is the rapporteur for the revision of the founding regulation of EU-OSHA which is also currently going through committee and plenary phases.  Our third guest MEP was Paloma Lopez Bermejo, from Spain, who is a member of the GUE/NGL political group.  Fortuitously for us, Ms Lopez Bermejo is the Shadow Rapporteur for the revision of the EU-OSHA founding regulation. 

EU-OSHA Director, Christa Sedlatschek, said that the ongoing collaboration with the European Parliament - and in particular with its Employment Committee -  was of vital importance to the Agency and it was made possible only by the dedication and expertise of MEPs such as our visitors.  The delegation met with all staff for an exchange on the final day, outlining their priorities for the future work in the European Parliament and expressing their support for the work carried out in EU-OSHA.

The MEPs were accompanied by Kamila Wrzesinska from the ECR Group and by Christopher Ford from the Secretariat of the Employment Committee of the European Parliament.