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Novosti o sigurnosti i zdravlju na radu

New website to inform consumers about the benefits and risks of chemicals

To mark World Consumer Rights Day, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has launched the ‘Chemicals in our life’ dedicated website to raise awareness among consumers of the benefits and risks of chemicals in their everyday lives.

The website provides useful information in 23 EU languages on the use of chemicals and on how the EU legislation on chemicals protects citizens. It also has a trending section for relevant news and it is connected to ECHA’s chemicals database – the world’s largest database of its kind.

Many consumers across Europe are concerned about the potential risks posed by chemicals in their lives. According to a Eurobarometer study from 2016, almost 28, 000 people in 28 countries showed that 65 % of respondents were concerned about being exposed to hazardous chemicals.

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