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EU Health Award for NGOs working to prevent tobacco use

With this award, the European Commission will highlight and reward outstanding initiatives of international, European, national or regional non-governmental bodies which have significantly contributed to prevent tobacco use within the EU population. 

The award is linked to the European Commission’s work to build up a database of good practices in various health fields from NGOs that can serve as models for the future. Access to this database should inspire other NGOs and public authorities in EU Member States as well as international organisations to replicate these good practices to protect human health and raise the quality of life of EU citizens.

The call for applications is open to initiatives that work to achieve a higher level of public health for EU citizens, in particular through actions aimed at avoiding tobacco use initiation among adolescents and young adults.

Applications should be submitted through the online application form by 15 June 2018 (11.59 CET, Brussels time).

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